Asmedia PCIe packet switch (패킷 스위치)

PRODUCT|2022. 7. 24. 17:56

ASMEDIA PCIe packet switch


Asmedia사의 Packet switch는 Gen2, Gen3를 지원하며, Gen4는 개발 중에 있습니다.


ASM2824  :  24 lane configurable 

ASM2812  : 12 lane configurable

ASM2806  :  6 lane configurable

Upstream PCIe interface

  • 8-lane PCIe® connecting with root port
  • Automatic detection of lane configuration on boot-up
  • Supporting transfer rate of 2.5Gb(250MB/s), 5Gb(500MB/s) per lane

Downstream PCIe interface

  • PCIe® 3.1 interface supporting up to 12 PCIe® ports
  • Support L0s/L1/L23/L3 power saving states
  • Support L1 substate deep power saving mode
  • Support wake up function in S3/S4
  • Support port disable by individual control
  • Support LTR
  • Support AER
  • Support SRIS on both upstream and downstream ports.
  • Max Payload Size = 512Byte
  • Support hot-plug, surprise remove

 Configuration에 따라서 아래와 같은 모드를 지원합니다.

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